Kids are some of the best bits of God’s creation.

Lucky me, working with them is part of my job!

I’ve been a pastor for twenty years, and while my job description has varied, ministry to children, youth and their parents has been my consistent passion. That passion only deepened when I became a mum, once, twice, and finally three times over. In fact, I enjoy these “bits” of God’s creation so much that I am currently doing doctoral studies on how best to come alongside them, for those like myself who are involved in their Christian formation either in the home or in the Church.

Two years ago, my friend Tay Moss told me to make a website. He said it should be a place where I can share resources with others – from books I’m loving, to things we’re trying in our house, to ministry tools that are working for us in our church.

I hope that this can also be a place where visitors are able to share resources, too. (But, as technology is neither my passion nor part of my skill-set, this may be optimistic on my part.)

Anyway, if I’ve learned anything from my years in children and youth ministry, the starting place is to try.

So, here’s my first try.